Ask the Librarian

If there is a burning question that you have about setting up your own personal cricket library, our library staff are more than happy to point you in the right direction. All questions are good questions if they will lead to your cricket books being displayed in the optimal manner.

Here are some hot topics that have been addressed by our librarians of late.

How to Improve Your Social Capital

Cricket Ball Conundrums

Selecting Books to Take on Tour

Alphabetical Order or Batting Order?

Librarians in Waiting

How does Cricket Australia compare with Hulk Hogan?

It is OK to read Cricket Magazines

5 Helpful Ways To Include Reading In Your Busy Schedule

Have you heard about audio books?

Groundbreaking Discovery

The Seven Almond Challenge

Many more key issues will be addressed here in the future as we all know the work of a cricket librarian is far from dull.


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