Cricket Ball Conundrums

Cricket Ball

Spot the Difference


It would not be unreasonable to ascertain that the majority of the population at one point or another have been in a position where improvisation has been required to make a game of cricket happen.

A classic example of this is the highly popular band Noiseworks and their games of table cricket. This concept started backstage when band members were busting for a hit and improvisation was required. They were sitting around a table when an impromptu game began with a scotch bottle being used in place of English willow and an olive taking the place of a six stitcher.

At, we are not at all fussy about how cricket is played as long as people are playing. So whether you have access to a cricket ball, a circuit ball, tennis ball, golf ball or olive we don’t have any objections.

Mind you if we had more talent, we would have the preference of white uniforms, a four piece red Kookaburra and five consecutive days to complete the game. All of this with appropriate stoppages for drinks, third umpire referrals, luncheon and tea intervals.


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