Cricket Library Weekly – WBBL run to the finals

Join us this week on the Cricket Library Weekly for our WBBL run to the finals edition where Robbie and Matt will run their eyes over the possible scenarios facing the teams in contention for the title.

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The Cricket Library Weekly Has Arrived

In 2012, Matt Ellis started the Cricket Library Podcast with the intention of providing extra coverage of Australian domestic cricket. Initially, the podcast was a selection of the best segments of his weekly radio show on Bucketts Radio in Gloucester.

Last year, the Cricket Library Podcast underwent a refresh sharing stories of over twenty guests with the aim of inspiring a love of cricket.

These longer form interviews have proved very popular around the world with a number of episodes trending at the top of the Apple cricket podcast charts in various locations. Some examples of this have been an interview with former Australian leg spinner Peter McIntyre reaching number 1 in the Netherlands, Graham Manou, Erica Kershaw and Katie Mack claiming top spot in Brazil, Ryan Harris and Jamie Siddons holding down places one and two respectively in South Africa and an interview with Tim Ludeman trending at number one in the cricket mad nation India.

To complement these longer interviews, the Cricket Library Weekly is launching in September and will be bolstered by the addition of a co host in Albury media personality Robbie Mackinlay. Robbie is well known for his work calling the Sheffield Shield, Marsh Cup and WBBL and he is expected to add an extra dimension to the show teaming up with Matt Ellis to bring you a bite sized weekly program aiming to inspire, entertain and inform.

Guests will include current and past players, administrators, coaches, volunteers, media personalities and cricket tragics from all walks of life. Episodes will be released every Monday morning across all of the major podcast providers including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts to name a few.

About the Cricket Library Podcast:

The Cricket Library Podcast has the aim of providing a platform for people to share their stories of how the game of cricket has impacted their lives and the lives of others in a positive way. Guests range from people who have had a career in elite level cricket as well as cricket tragics from all walks of life.

Roberta Moretti Avery – Brazil Cricket Captain on the Cricket Library Podcast

Roberta Moretti-Avery is one of the most passionate cricket people you will ever meet. She is captain of the Brazil women’s team after taking up the game later in life than most.

In this episode of the Cricket Library Podcast we hear how Roberta developed a passion for the game, training in lockdown, captaining her country & learning how to bowl leg spin.

She also shares her desire to see the game grow in her home country Brazil as well as reflecting on the enormity of the Women’s World T20 that captured the imagination of people all around the globe.

Roberta gives considerable thought to her three net session selections and they are choices you are sure to appreciate.

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Roadside Haiku’s With Matt Fiction Episode II – We will have a bat thanks.

Intrepid cricket librarian Matt Fiction has been on the road again and taken time out of his busy schedule to recite another magnificent cricket themed Haiku poem on the side of the road. This one will resonate with all of those skippers who know the feeling of winning the toss when conditions are perfect for batting.

Roadside Haiku’s With Matt Fiction

Matt Fiction has been busily writing a series of cricket themed Haiku poems which he is planning on sharing from the side of the road in his travels throughout NSW Australia.

First cab of the rank is a stirring poem about GD McGrath and appropriately recited at the magnificent Glenn McGrath statue in Narromine NSW.