How does Cricket Australia compare with Hulk Hogan?

Cricket administrators are often asked to supply answers around the performance of a cricket team with a recent example being the Argus review conducted by Cricket Australia.

At we prefer to take a less conventional approach to performance analysis. As such we have been conducting our own review of the Australian Cricket Team after their triumph over New Zealand. The Aussies are now in an elite category becoming five time World Cup champions since the inception of the concept in 1975.

As Stephen Smith hit the winning runs on Sunday evening the parallels between the all conquering Aussies and Wrestling great Hulk Hogan became more apparent. Who could forget the Hulkster making history when he defeated Yokozuna to walk away from Wrestlemania IX to claim his 5th World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title.

Needless to say the comparisons need not stop here and our librarians have been working around the clock to produce a Venn diagram which you can view by clicking the image below. We are convinced you will be staggered at the obvious connections highlighted in this graphic.

Exclusive Venn Diagram

Hulk Hogan v Cricket Australia


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