Wayne Holdsworth Ashes Tour Hat Trick

On July 14, 1993 Wayne Holdsworth wrote his name in the history books claiming a hat trick whilst playing for Australia against Derbyshire on the 1993 Ashes tour.

Day One had not gone to plan for Wayne with the ball as he reflected to Matt Ellis on the Cricket Library Podcast.

Yeah that’s another interesting story because I think the day before I had one for, I think it was seventy or eighty off nine or ten overs, so I was getting hit all over the place and I remember sitting at the bar with Steve Waugh that night and he said what did you think? And I said well I can’t bowl any worse, he said yeah I agree so he said let’s have a beer and we had a couple of beers. The next day I bowled this massive booming outswinger, I thought that’s a bit weird, I didn’t do that yesterday. Then I took four wickets in the next 15 balls or something with the hat trick so it was a complete turn around from one day to the next day and I finished with five for a hundred or something but the unfortunate thing was for the guy who was the hat trick wicket was that he actually didn’t hit it and I’ve got video highlights of Tim Zoehrer taking the catch and he sort of goes to try and throw it to first slip and then you see him just look straight back at the umpire and then everyone starts patting me on the back and I remember the umpire behind me go yes that’s out and the guy had hit his pad and it was one of those ones where you go he either hit it or he didn’t but I could see that he probably didn’t hit it but the poor guy was given out and I got a hat trick and you know you take the good with the bad, there’s other balls I bowled where I probably got guys out and given not out. The funny part was Allan Border walked up with the ball and he said you are not going to keep this ball are you and I said well what do you do when you get a hundred and he went yeah good point.”

Wayne Holdsworth

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