Performing in the zone

We have all been there. Sitting in the library, reading one of our favourite cricket books and the next thing we know the library is closing. Where did the time go? We have been lost in the world of the storyteller and captivated by what is unfolding. Reading has not been a chore, it has been a delight.

On the cricket field we see players enter a similar state where they are totally focussed on the task at hand and execute their skills at the highest level with ease and freedom. It is a feeling that is hard to capture but one you wish you could bottle and share with others.

In a chat with Matt Ellis on the Cricket Library Podcast, Baggy Green 416, Peter George explained the experience of being in the zone.

“You certainly stop focussing so much on yourself and start thinking about what you are doing at the other end. I remember I think I got Jimmy Faulkner out for my 5th wicket and it was just one of those classic in form, like I was just thinking what I was doing to work him over everything worked exactly how I wanted it to work.”

Peter drops plenty of other nuggets of gold in his chat with Matt and his story is one of the many that we have shared on the Cricket Library Podcast that will hopefully grow your love of the game.


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