Happy birthday SPD Smith

Steve Smith is a common name but there is only one SPD Smith. Happy birthday young man!

Haiku Poem by Matt Fiction

Steve Smith birthday boy

Which Steve Smith will celebrate?

It is SPD

Maitlan Brown – Special Guest on the Cricket Library Podcast The Cricket Library

Maitlan Brown is just about to turn 24 and is one of the most exciting young talents in the game. She has made an impact with the ball, demonstrated athleticism in the field and contributed valuable runs with the willow. In this episode of the Cricket Library Podcast we will hear more about where Maitlan's love of the game started, her time in the NSW junior pathway, moving to Canberra, playing for the Renegades, touring India, her call up to the Australian squad, injury rehab as well as her return to NSW this summer. We also learn about some of her off field creative pursuits as an award-winning industrial design student. Needless to say we ask Maitlan who she would most like to have a net with. Her  selections combine a mix of cricket, comedy and musical genius. In fact one of her selections provided entertainment at a Cricket Australia Awards night. Please remember to subscribe to the Cricket Library Podcast on your favourite podcast provider and leave a review to help us to continue to start conversations that inspire a love of cricket.
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The Matt Fiction Book Club

Resident cricket librarian and loved member of the cricket library community Matt Fiction established the Matt Fiction Book Club in 2004 to inspire a love of reading cricket books.

For those wishing to be a part of the club all you need to do is follow the following simple steps.

Step 1: Read and enjoy a cricket book.

Step 2: Think of someone you think would be enriched by reading the book.

Step 3: Ask that person for their best postal address if you do not have it.

Step 4: Write them a note and send with the book in the mail.

Step 5: Ask them to consider doing the same for someone else.

Step 6: Return to step one and start again

Please note, the above process can also be followed for cricket magazines

Roadside Haiku’s With Matt Fiction Episode II – We will have a bat thanks.

Intrepid cricket librarian Matt Fiction has been on the road again and taken time out of his busy schedule to recite another magnificent cricket themed Haiku poem on the side of the road. This one will resonate with all of those skippers who know the feeling of winning the toss when conditions are perfect for batting.

Roadside Haiku’s With Matt Fiction

Matt Fiction has been busily writing a series of cricket themed Haiku poems which he is planning on sharing from the side of the road in his travels throughout NSW Australia.

First cab of the rank is a stirring poem about GD McGrath and appropriately recited at the magnificent Glenn McGrath statue in Narromine NSW.