Meaningful Runs For Marnus Through 50 for 50 Campaign

Marnus Labuschagne has been a run machine for Australia at the top of the order and is using his work with the willow to help those impacted by the global food crisis.

After coming to the crease after the early departure of Australian opener David Warner, Marnus guided Australia to a productive first day of the Australian Test Match summer in Perth.

This season the runs will be more meaningful with a campaign launched in conjunction with Compassion Australia to help provide food packs for those impacted by the crisis. For a mere $50 you can help provide food for a family for an entire month.

For every 50 runs Marnus peels off this summer, 50 food packs will be donated to the cause and with the start that he has had today in Perth, finishing the day unbeaten on 154, he is having an immediate impact.

According to the United Nations, the world is now moving backwards in its efforts to fight food insecurity and malnutrition. Food insecurity occurs when a person doesn’t have regular access to enough nutritious food—severe food insecurity means a person has not eaten for a day or more.

Because of the crisis, the number of people around the world with insufficient food has doubled. 276 million people—more than ten times Australia’s population—are now experiencing severe food insecurity. The current food crisis is due to intensifying global events and other complex factors including the war in Ukraine, extreme weather and droughts, and the prolonged effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

It’s impossible to know how long the global food crisis will last, but experts predict it could last years if action isn’t taken.

At the Cricket Library, we strongly encourage you to get behind Marnus and his efforts by donating to the cause today via this link –


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