Do you read cricket books at parties?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our resident cricket librarian Matt Fiction would often be making waves on the social scene waxing lyrical and sharing stories about his life and times in the library.

He would also take time out from functions to duck away and fit in some reading time as was captured on the highly popular TikTok social media platform.


Steve Waugh’s #Ashes Diary a staple for those who like to escape the glitz and glamour of the Julio life at parties. #Cricket #cricketbook #stevewaugh

♬ original sound – MJ Ellis

Cricket Library Weekly – Season Finale The Cricket Library

Join us for the Cricket Library Weekly season finale where Robbie and Matt reflect on the 2021/22 Summer of Cricket. In a cricket library weekly exclusive, Robbie Mackinlay chats with resident cricket librarian Matt Fiction about his plans for the winter. Please remember to subscribe to the Cricket Library Podcast on your favourite podcast provider and leave a review to help us to continue to start conversations that inspire a love of cricket.    
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