Dice Cricket

In some excellent news for Dice Cricket lovers in Australia, we are pleased to announce that the Riding Mill Cricket Club will be conducting a Virtual Tour of Australia commencing June 13.

The tour will be launched with the virtual tourists taking on the Cricket Library Podcast Invitational XI in a T10 fixture.

Games will be conducted by the Cricket Library Podcast’s host Matt Ellis who will roll the dice and record the scores posting updates on Twitter from the @CricketLibrary Handle and containing #DiceCricket

Games will be T10 Format

Each team will select 11 players 

Teams nominate batting order and bowling order

Everyone bowls one over except for the nominated wicket keeper

Dice will be rolled to determine which team bats first (If an odd number, the first team listed will bat first, if an even number the team listed second will bat first)

Runs are scored according to what is rolled on the dice

If a 5 is rolled, it constitutes an appeal

Following an appeal the dice is rolled again with the following outcomes (1 = Bowled, 2 = Caught W/K, 3 = Caught, 4 = LBW, 5 = Run Out, 6 = Not Out)

If the dismissal is caught or run out, two dice will then be rolled to determine the player effecting the catch or run out. 

Innings are closed if teams are bowled out or at the completion of the allotment of 10 overs

The team scoring the highest amount of runs will be declared the winner.

With all of the tour dates now confirmed, keep an eye out for team announcements in the coming weeks.


June 13 Double Header v Burrabadine XI & Cricket Library Podcast Invitational XI

June 17 Riding Mill v Dubbo CYMS Cougars @ virtual Victoria Park

June 20 Riding Mill v Wagga Wagga RSL Bulldogs @ Virtual Wagga Wagga Oval

June 24 Riding Mill v Kissing Point Cricket Club

June 27 Riding Mill v UTS North Sydney

July 1 Riding Mill v Westmeadows

July 4 Riding Mill v St Kevin’s Old Boys

July 8 Riding Mill v Parkdale CC

July 11 Riding Mill v Bayswater-Morley

July 15 Riding Mill v Cricket Library Podcast XI